by Victoria Shepherd | Oct 1, 2020 | Financing care, Planning ahead, Understanding care. In this situation, the help the local authority can offer will depend on your needs and circumstances. If the care needs assessment recommends that care is needed, a further financial assessment will be arranged to see if the local authority will pay towards the care. The aim is to work out how much help you need to enable you to live as independently as possible. However, they are usually run by private or voluntary sector service providers. There are also sometimes differences depending on whether you need personal care (for example washing, dressing, getting in and out of bed, meal preparation etc) which is provided by a trained carer, or nursing care, which is provided either by or under the supervision of qualified nurses." Local authority funding for care at home . Funding Services to Support Discharge from Hospital On 19th March 2020 the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care wrote to local authority Chief Executives and Directors of Adult Social Services about the coronavirus pandemic. How can I claim local authority funding towards a care home? The means-test thresholds for home care in England. Council funding for care home accommodation is linked to a person’s income, capital and savings. Use the website to find your local council and social services. You can ask the care home manager or a carer for help with arranging a needs assessment. Before getting financial help from the council, you will need to undergo two assessments: Following a needs assessment, if the council decides you have eligible care needs they will then carry out a financial assessment (also known as a ‘social care means test’). The person's needs are due to a physical or mental impairment or illness (this includes dementia). Among other things, the following won’t be included: There are other financial arrangements that might in some cases be excluded from a financial assessment. ", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Depending on your financial position you may need to sell your home to pay care home fees. If you need live-in care or have to move into a care home, local authority care funding can help pay associated costs – in full or part. A local Health and Social Care Trust decides the amount of money you should contribute to your care home fees. What if the care I want is more expensive than the funding available? Here we summarise the three main criteria (conditions) that someone must meet to be eligible for local authority funded care or support. Throughout the UK, if you prefer a care home with costs that exceed the payments made by your local authority, Wherever you live in the UK, to find out whether you qualify for funding for care, you should first arrange a, you, and friend or a relative can make top-up payments. Local authorities have a legal duty to carry out a needs assessment of anyone they think might be eligible for local authority care. How to Apply for Home Care Funding From Your Local Authority Posted at 14:42h in Blog by darshikap It’s natural to want to look after family members as they get older – whether that’s helping with the shopping, visiting, or sorting out doctor’s appointments. If you have between £14,250 and £23,250 in capital, you’ll need to contribute £1 for every £250 of your savings between that amount, on a weekly basis, towards your care home expenses. A financial assessment: this looks at your financial situation and assess your ability to pay for your own care. This does not cover nursing care at home which should be the responsibility of the NHS. Our expert care home fees solicitors can advise you what your rights are if you need long term care. Care home residents who pay their own fees are subsidising local-authority funded residents by more than £100 a week, according to figures from healthcare consultancy LaingBuisson. You’ll also be required to contribute the majority of your income, excluding your personal expenses allowance, towards your care home fees. She will self fund for approximately 6 months, she will then reach the £23,000 point. You may qualify for full or partial funding towards the cost of a care home from your Local Authority, depending on your location in the UK, income, capital and savings. Local Authority Owned Care Homes / Nursing Homes in Derbyshire including areas Derbyshire Dales Area and Amber Valley Area. The means-test process varies between local authorities, but the guidelines state that there are minimum income thresholds below which you should not be asked to pay care charges. //