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Kabbalah - Protect your self against evil eye

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Black magic protection:

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Black Magic Protection
Everything exists in the form of energy in our universe. We are aware
of that even though our material cover does not let us see it. One of
the worst traits of this world filled with energies is that some of
them are negative and can be harmful to human beings. If someone uses
these negative powers for black magic, they can become a root of great
mishap for other people. Therefore, black magic protection is
sometimes not just absolutely necessary, but vitally important.
Essential black magic protection can include using protective
talismans, amulets and charms. Since most black magic spells work best
during the full moon, protection from black magic, that works all the
time, reaches its most powerful condition when the moon is full too.
Some talismans also protect better on special days, under certain
conditions, with certain people or when combined with other talismans.
It is a matter of personal safety to learn what factors can influence
and assist you in protecting yourself from black magic.

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