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Kabbalah - Protect your self against evil eye

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Evil Eye

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Every society, new or old, emits a strong impulse of both positive and
negative energies. The negative part of them forms a destructive,
negative mass consciousness which resonates in many spheres of human
activity. Since every active energy seeks to escape, it should be
used, or manifested. One of the manifestations of this negative
consciousness is the evil eye. The effect of the evil eye is based on
many negative feelings people may have for each other, like envy,
anger, or fear. However, it can be either intentional or
unintentional. It can also be either an inborn or an acquired ability.
Throughout entire human history people were familiar with the
dangerous evil eye effect of an evil person. We can see it depicted on
ancient walls with Egyptian hieroglyph. Legends tell us that it was
commonly used by witched, wizards, and gipsies. And since this
phenomenon is not absolutely new to us, the humanity has formed
various means of evil eye protection which it uses against wicked
people up to these days.

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