This is truly one of the classes where you will get out of it what you put in, but regardless of how much knowledge you choose to gain there are no finals, essays, or exams to draw away from your core studies. The information provided on this site is protected by U.S. and International copyright law, and other applicable intellectual property laws, including laws covering data access and data compilations. You listen to music from a variety of video games and have a discussion about the things you hear. Tokyo Office 81-3-5220-2882. 734.647.9799 . Through excellent novel choice such as Invisible Man, Lolita, Maud Martha, among others, Dr. Mangrum creates enriching and thought-provoking discussion of books in their relation to the post WWII era and current anxieties. HOME / Academics / Undergraduate Degrees & Programs / Transfer Credit. (I have 13 credits backpacked as of now) Thanks. Two five-page papers are all that are required, but a LOT of thought and energy must be put into these topics. 3rd Floor, Duderstadt Center ... entrepreneurship, and marketing will gain intellectual breadth and earn up to 9 transfer credits focused on developing their entrepreneurial skills. Transfer Credit Guidelines. ​The class is fairly laid-back. Intellectual breadth electives (16 Credits) Intellectual breadth (16 credits) See the College of Engineering Bulletin for rules in selecting Intellectual Breadth courses that satisfy this requirement. 4 cr. The class teaches the different kinds of museums within society, and what they mean to that society. The subject matter is great, and overall the class is very rewarding, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you aren’t up for a pretty decent time commitment. I was wondering what suggestions you guys had for a 2-3 credit easy/less intense intellectual breadth class. There are three exams that are not cumulative and include defining words, analyzing pictures and texts, labeling buildings on a map, and writing an essay. For each discussion and lecture there was a reading or movie that you were expected to discuss in class. Unofficial transcripts can be viewed and official transcripts can be ordered free of charge through Wolverine Access. The grading is based 50% on 2 responses/week to readings that can range from 15-40 pages long each. Give to Chemical Engineering » Assistant Professor Aileen Huang-Saad is also applying the concept to biomedical engineering practice – and to engineering education – through a novel “instructional incubator” and series of short, experiential courses.. 2300 Hayward Street. Unofficial transcripts can be viewed and official transcripts can be ordered free of charge through Wolverine Access. Rather than focusing solely on art, it progresses through all of the major topics related to the beginning of civilizations and formations of religions. No prerequisites, but logic is very helpful. October 2011 edited October 2011 in University of Michigan - Ann Arbor I am a first semester student in the College of Engineering and I will be taking my first IB course next semester. ​Taught by​ Dr. Arvind Mandair​. I think most people do end up with some sort of A or B, but you do have to work and do the reading. Another word for breadth. Fax: (734) 763-0459. There is a good bit of reading, but Professor Smith is very understanding and sometimes she just says don’t read the papers. The exams are multiple choice. This class was very interesting, and I think it is a good class to take if you are new to philosophy or really interested in science fiction. University of Michigan Chemical Engineering Department Ann Arbor, Michigan Assistant Professor, 2020-University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Postdoctoral Associate, 2019-2020 Advisor: Qi Zhang. I plan to major in Aerospace Engineering and I'm backpacking classes for next semester and wanted to get some of my intellectual breadth credits out of the way. Professor Gruber is fantastic and you will learn so much about various topics in religion, history, art and general humanity. There are nine Intellectual Standards we use to assess thinking: Clarity, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Depth, Breadth, Logic, Significance, and Fairness. This class covers so many topics of basic human behavior and interaction that I recommend it for anyone. Grades were based on 2 midterms, a final and participation in discussion sections. Be a part of the #1 ranked undergraduate program in entrepreneurship, and top 10 graduate program in entrepreneurship! Your grade is based on two blue books, participation in discussion, and an *optional* term paper. The average also ends up very high – I think at least half of the class is in the A or A- range. The ME department recognizes the value of intellectual breadth in graduate education and the importance of formal graduate study in areas beyond the student's field of specialization. Choose HU/SS and Intellectual Breadth courses carefully as they may be prerequisites for technical electives that you are interested in taking in the future. University of Michigan is one of the top universities of the world, a diverse public institution of higher learning, fostering excellence in research. Two papers, one about a movie (5 pages) and the other is a research papers (6-8pages). Does anybody know of any easy/good classes that count as intellectual breadth? It is not anti-religious, but it gives various alternatives (often opposing) religious thought. University of Michigan, PhD Biomedical Engineering, 2014 Career Summary After completing my PhD at U-M, I built on my expertise in Biomedical Optics, which was the topic of my thesis. Be a part of the #1 ranked undergraduate program in entrepreneurship, and top 10 graduate program in entrepreneurship! This class was poorly organized and was recently changed to include much more work. So, its not like one of those Rocks for Jocks mini-courses offered by the Geology department. The Latin department is excellent. “It’s very simple and easy to pick up the phone and call someone in BME, talk about a problem and start to develop a research relationship.” William Roberts M.D. Acceptable Use, Intellectual Breadth & General Elective FAQ, Scheduling, Registration, and Wolverine Access FAQ, The Regents of the University of Michigan, 230 Chrysler Center, next to the Chesebrough Auditorium. There are three assignments (4-pages) and one final paper (8 pages). Student Design Teams . This was a great class to be exposed to cultures different than my own and asked controversial questions in a way that fostered great discussion and analyzation. The basis of the class is to explore the influences that society and religion exert on each other. Pass/Failis only allowed for Intellectual Breadth requirements and general electives. The class deals with the rift between the self and the outside influences that exist in our minds and environment. This class is extremely popular, so register as soon as you can! Also there were no pre-reqs, and most of the class were engineers. Good class because it discusses many cultures and imparts a worldly view on students. Includes the study of many different genres of music from classical to rock to jazz. Professor Smith is very knowledgeable and funny. Intellectual breadth (16 credits) See the College of Engineering Bulletin for rules in selecting Intellectual Breadth courses that satisfy this requirement. It was a fantastic journey of the discovery of the self, and provides a different perspective than what we’re used to up on north campus. Incubators are common among entrepreneurs to nurture and develop a new product, application, or business idea. The class is very interesting because it teaches the simple concepts behind international economic activities and relate it with the current news. intellectual honesty, leadership potential, professional promise, and the capability of making substantive and scholarly research contributions to the field. Culminating Project. It took a while, but it was well worth it. Transfer Credit Guidelines. There are two take home exams that are essay format and a large project at the end of the year in which you create a virtual museum exhibit of your choice. Ross Executive Education +1 734-763-1000. I had a fairly strong classical music background going into the class which helped my enjoyment of it, but no prior musical training is necessary in order to succeed. CoE majors will earn up to 4 credits toward PCDC of the college’s Intellectual Breadth requirements with ENTR enrollment. Natalie … cetera. The class is very laid back and usually consisted of listening to symphonies at the start of class, followed by a discussion about the music itself as well as the historical context behind its composer and time period. For each part of UMich you like and want to explore, explain how that relates to one of your guiding values. Elec. U-M provides outstanding undergraduate, graduate and professional education, serving the local, regional, national and international communities. Program at the University of Michigan, and to answer the questions most frequently asked of me. Sacred places is a course that is extremely multifaceted. These novels touch on religion, culture, politics, social life, gender, LGBT, ISIS and many other issues. The midterm was take home but almost everyone got a 70%. But others aren’t always so lucky. Under the Intellectual Breadth requirement, each student must select 16 credits of intellectual breadth courses, subject to these rules: Humanities: At least 3 credits of Humanities classes marked HU in the LSA Course Guide ; credit by test cannot be used to meet this requirement. If you’re interested in learning about the perpetuation of gender difference and its effects on politics, you’ll love this class. Overall, a really great environment that I would recommend to anyone who has a passing interest in literature. There is no prereq for the class and it is absolutely amazing. This class was very laid back for a 300-level Humanities. It is current as of Sept. 2011; check with the EECS Advising Office (see below) for any updates. Great if you are interested in the financial markets, very interesting. It's an unofficial document; the blue-paged document "Electrical Engineering Program" is official. Since 1948, the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at the University of Michigan has been integral to the mission of the Psychology Department and the University. Learn more about creating and maintaining a respectful environment on campus, visit GET EXPECT RESPECT. acceptable for Intellectual Breadth requirements or for General Electives.] ),UG Requirement Instructor(s):,Wayne Stark,EE: Flex. The classes I know I will be taking next semester are Physics 140/141, Math 116, and Engr 100. The class discussion is mostly led by students. Terry McGinn teaches it. Intellectual Breadth to add to schedule Hey guys I'm an incoming freshman in the college of engineering at Michigan and my schedule is currently Math 215, ENGR 101, and Physics 140/141 (13 credits). Cognate courses must be passed with a B- or Intellectual Breadth (16 hrs) It is important that you learn about modes of thought and areas of human accomplishment to better understand the solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context beyond the purely technical. Designated HU by LSA, fulfills Humanities and 300 level liberal arts requirement. Find more ways to say breadth, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Sociocultural anthropology at Michigan has long been known for its insistence that rigorous research be combined with careful theoretical and comparative analysis. This is the right course if you are interested in drawing, model building and coloring. It’s a great class because you’re learning about all of the major religions of the world, their similarities, and differences. There are nine Intellectual Standards we use to assess thinking: Clarity, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Depth, Breadth, Logic, Significance, and Fairness. The class covers sexuality in different religions as well as explaining how sex is a product of cultures and culture’s histories. The instructor is Alexander “Buzz” William. Indeed, Michigan faculty have consistently been prominent participants in the development of anthropological thought. 4 cr. Students are limited to attempting each of the three 200-level courses (EECS 203, EECS 280, EECS 281) at most twice. I highly recommend this class to anyone who has even the slightest interest in psychology. Awards: ^top. The Neuroscience Graduate Program has more than 150 faculty members, representing departments across UM’s various schools and colleges. The school wants to read about how you contributed to and learned from a specific community, to better understand how you might interact with others at UMich. 100-level foreign language credit received by placement exam does not count as Intellectual Breath. Clarity forces the thinking to be explained well so that it is easy to understand. It gave me a new perspective on US history. Front Desk 734.764.7677 . The philosophy class itself discusses social justice itself as opposed to the technical aspects of philosophy, making it very accessible. Both of these are fun to work on because they are a change from your normal chemical engineering classes. “To the Fellows, I expect what appealed to you about Michigan is the same thing that appealed to me.I’ve never had the privilege to work at a place with the intellectual strength and breadth of the University of Michigan. Find out more about completing college or university coursework while enrolled in … There aren’t any exams, but there are a few essays, which are easy enough to do well on if one does the interesting but very doable readings and participates among a diverse group of students (gender, race, degree, etc). There are five online assignments due, one midterm and final exam. 3074 H.H. That class is really cool… You just have to have a type of expanded thinking because some of the concepts seem like a stretch but it’s interesting. The class is essentially about the origin of fairy tales, the Grimm brothers, and understanding their fairy tales in different political and psychological contexts. It uses the art of these times to describe how people lived and formed beliefs. However, if you found yourself struggling with some of the logic concepts in 101, Philosophy 180 can be a review and help you set in stone some aspects of logical thinking. Dr. Herbert did a great job of providing background on all of the central characters in the myths, so even people with minimal prior knowledge were able to follow the material. Learn more about creating and maintaining a respectful environment on campus, visit EXPECT RESPECT. (734) 763-3953. There are weekly assignment but it is only reading an articles and commenting about the articles on ctools. There are smaller mini essay reading journals. There are readings required before each class but they are more for the benefit of the discussion and are not expected to be studied to a level you prepare for an exam. Lectures are interesting and entertaining. However, up to four credits of PCDCs can be counted towards your Intellectual Breadth requirements. Check the schedule for the upcoming semesters. There is little reading and the class is based around constructing arguments defending various beliefs. ACS Editors’ Choice Article, 2019 VPNs aren't just for desktops or laptops -- you can set up a VPN on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, too. It's equivalent to the first two years at university where you take your general pre-req courses, writing courses, intellectual breadth, etc. There is a once per week discussion question as weekly homework, and the exams consist of two midterms and a final paper. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is looking for a fun, easy and very interesting humanities class. Best Presentation in “Operation of Energy Systems” session at 2019 AIChE Annual Meeting, 2019. LOCATION . The class doesn’t require a lot of writing, but Buzz chooses a great reading list that provides scientific, social, and economic aspects of climate change. ​This is a great class to fulfill the 300 level humanities course, as long as you plan on attending class. It’s abnormal psychology and gives an overview of all the major mental diseases and their treatments. Cognate courses are those that are in a discipline or area different from a student's field of study but are related or connected with some aspect of this field. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN . Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2136. Office is open: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm; 230 Chrysler Center, next to the Chesebrough Auditorium; Contact: Phone: 734-647-7106; Email: While feminist theory is an intrinsically interdisciplinary project, the readings in this class highlight the work of contemporary political and legal theorists and some of the particular questions, concerns, and critiques that characterize their approach to the study of politics and gender. As long as a student puts in the effort and understands what the GSI’s/professors want to see, there’s no reason one should not get an A. A majority of the class has at least some background in classical music which definitely helps, but is by no means required. The Michigan Engineering Bicentennial Web Project is a multimedia story collection. Why I like Musicology 346: The professor is very passionate about the subject and very engaging. Through this 6-week study abroad summer program at Nanyang Technological University, students interested in global business, entrepreneurship, and marketing will gain intellectual breadth and earn up to 9 transfer credits focused on developing their entrepreneurial skills. Integrative Systems + Design (ISD) integrates the intellectual depth and breadth of resources at the College of Engineering and the University of Michigan to offer graduate students an exciting, pre-eminent educational program portfolio.