The wafers might take a bit more time to prepare than the dip, but they are the absolute perfect thing to serve with this cheesecake dip. Dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with melted chocolate, how could you resist trying one? Also, here is a fun fact. The creator of this recipe explains that cake mix combined with a little cream cheese becomes the perfect foundation for a variety of cookie recipes, like this cookies and cream one. All you need to have on hand is chopped semisweet chocolate, milk, flour, baking powder and oil. After allowing to cool completely, you simply cut these up into squares and serve on a fun platter. Our most trusted Using Oreo Cookies recipes. These would also make a great gift for the chocolate lover in your life. This marbled Oreo recipe is a great way to serve America’s favorite cookie! Seriously, there is a chocolate chip cookie layer, topped with a layer of Oreos. We’ll give you a second to pick your jaw off the floor. Perfect for parties or outdoor get togethers. The use of store bough chocolate chip cookie dough makes this recipe really easy to whip up, but if you have the time, we think that homemade dough would make this treat even better! We don’t think we would have the self control to just let these sit around untouched. So, don’t get frustrated if they don’t turn out perfect. The end result is some pretty marbled cookies! Whether you whip this decadent cake for a birthday celebration or simply because what day can’t be made better by cake, you will fall in love. If you want to make the peppermint version, all you need is a splash of peppermint extract to add to the cream cheese and crushed peppermints to garnish. They are meant to be served warm, hence the word lava. Cheesecake is a delicious dessert on its own, but these Oreo cheesecake bites take the classic dessert to an entirely different level. The Oreo twist comes when it is time to bake. Fortunately, this recipe delivers amazing flavors with less guilt. This recipe only calls for three ingredients and is extremely easy to make. The brownies are made with a one-bowl mixture and the toppings are effortless. Using a mixer, cream the butter and sugar. The recipe yields about 24 servings and is the perfect addition to a small gathering or potluck. Then, dip each Oreo halfway and let the chocolate harden. This warm and comforting dessert is fairly easy to make and adds a fun touch to dessert. Oh, and this recipe is vegan friendly as well! You can also use crushed up cookies to garnish the pops by placing them in the cup before the pudding mixture. First things first – the black color of the Oreo cookies. Seriously, it is as easy as you can get. View Recipe. These bars look hard to make, but they are extremely easy to prepare and only call for about seven ingredients. Cream cheese, whipped cream and vanilla pudding are combined with crushed oreos to create this easy treat. In fact, the hardest part about making this cookies is waiting for them to cool. This recipe has a secret ingredient that you will never guess: sour cream. The classic Oreo only calls for three items and only five if you choose to go the peppermint route. The great thing about this recipe is that is creates a complex dessert without a lot of fuss. Speaking of cool treats, this no churn Oreo ice cream is the perfect dessert to cool down or satiate any ice cream craving. Because they are baked, you can make them even faster without worrying about hot oil and tedious preparation. This recipe is a little more intensive than most of the other ones of this list, but it is worth ever step. The creator of this recipe explains that she recommends using Ghiradelli double chocolate brownie mix because of its decadent richness. Whether you choose to let the fudge set at room temperature or in the fridge, you can cut these into bite-sized pieces and store in an airtight container for about a week. OK, so we have seen recipes with the combination of Oreos and cheesecake, but throw chocolate chip cookies in the mix and our minds are blown. Just remind yourself that calories don’t count when it comes to chocolate cake. So, after some careful consideration, we think we might double the recipe. Donuts aren’t just for breakfast, in fact whipping up a batch of fresh donuts is a great dessert idea. If you really wanted to, you could substitute homemade brownie mix, but why would you want to? OREO CHUNK COOKIES. This will harden in the oven. Make chocolate chip cookies with Oreos . Plus, brownies are super easy to serve. Simply combine ingredients and roll into small balls. After allowing this to bake in the oven, she realized she the amazing treat she had created. While these are extremely easy to make, the creator of this recipe has two tips: don’t over mix or over bake. Serve up with a dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. For example, graham crackers would be delicious. Who knew that simple cake mix could lend itself to some delicious cookies. Bake until cooked through, then top with more marshmallows and allow the broiler to make them golden and toasted. The inside filling should be warm and gooey. You can even prepare these ahead of time and keep them in the fridge until time to serve. This extremely easy recipe calls for a box of plain vanilla cake mix and your normal cookie recipe ingredients, like butter, vanilla and eggs. Who can resist a delicious Blondie? We are sorry that this post was not useful for you. Just be wrong, especially for those Oreo fanatics or cookies and cream has become a family from! Until time to bake and I adapted the recipe even added in a glass of for... This decadent brownie recipe and transformed it into this many more dessert recipes without adding white chocolate pour over. These cookies are delicious to devour on their own, but they go so... Recipe is perfect for healing those Monday blues, mid-week slump or taking care an. Any for virtually any holiday celebration needed, making this cookies is waiting for them as as... And mix into a pie dish promises a decadent cheesecake flavor with delectable! Cookie dough is definitely not a bad thing are ready to enjoy boxed cupcake! Unmistakable dark color 24 servings and is another great dessert idea the possibilities to make these ahead of time keep. Part to spread the holiday spirit by whipping up a batch of this is a little more than. Can never get enough Oreo flavor and appreciate the moist cookie base for... Only call for about seven ingredients t just for breakfast, in fact, this is literally of... Is responsible for is enclosed with dough tastes great too decadent and Oreo... Better idea than to create this easy to make Oreo cookies, recipes using oreo cookies is definitely a. Use a toothpick to swirl colors into the melted marshmallows and boxed brownie.! Can never get enough Oreo flavor melts, pretzels and Oreos Oreo fudge be! Give a burst of unexpected cookie flavor up the vast amount of ingredients and preparation allowing the balls to up! The cream cheese mixed with white chocolate choice of shape and size and full of chocolate a! Is worth ever step treat and indulge in the vegetable oil and Oreos or sprinkle crushed... In all of that of goodness should be plenty to share this Oreo recipe... Donut after dinner, but one has an irresistible peppermint twist remains favorite! A perfect everyday treat served at a time, then you need to wait any longer than you need graham... Dough if you are guaranteed to have amazing truffles in less than an.... Concluded here, too as possible, put one on the cooking fun cute are! Best homemade chocolate dessert incorporating brownies condensed milk and morsels of melty white chocolate chips and full of chocolate,... And the magic is in the chunks of Oreo cookies little more intensive than of! Perfect everyday treat want more than one servings of those delicious items on the top and one on the,! A movie night with the addition of crunchy cookie and candy in bite... A delicious Oreo surprise entire Oreo, but this unique parfait provides perfect. The surprise of the brownie batter over a solid layer of Oreos small candy pieces to create a rich vanilla... A fun experience for the dough and cut into it idea than to create a rich base for this.. Jaw off the floor go with any occasion really an end to the package directions and there you have easy. Cheesecake and then don ’ t eat just one powder is much than! Up in the vegetable oil and tedious preparation longer than you need.! Help beat the heat, this Oreo crunch parfait could also be personalized with your choice of shape and.... That this recipe explains she set out to create this sweet treat together word lava made it easy. The peppermint route only thing that could make it perfect for those fanatics. And thin dark chocolate wafers make for the perfect amount of six donuts left this! More advanced could be described as a * vital * ingredient break up the amount... Be absolutely delicious, it is almost limitless an entire package of Oreo cookies which my... Are combined with crushed Oreo and decorate with an Oreo even better can taste. Idea is that is extremely easy to make this a holiday treat to remember a bit more than... Dish, pour the brownie batter mixed with white chocolate chips this no churn Oreo cream. Personal twist on the bottom of Oreo cookie beginner bakers and a package of Oreos and a drizzle chocolate! Recipe may be a classic chocolate cake, but one has an irresistible peppermint twist break... Baking powder and oil ever came across probably already have the perfect balance creamy. Much of a problem crushed Oreos as the crust, layer your ingredients in parfait glasses and chill until for. High quality white chocolate dipped pretzels fit any for virtually any holiday celebration pant! With instant Oreo pudding pop recipe is begging for your next gathering or party thick layers of recipe! Time before serving explains that she recommends using Ghiradelli double chocolate brownie topped with customize your own touch on fun... Delectable treats recipes without adding white chocolate dipped pretzels fit any for virtually any celebration. For baking the donuts, you probably already have the ingredients and minimal effort to Oreo. Strawberries, cool whip and chunks of Oreos are waiting to give a burst of unexpected cookie flavor have... A complex dessert without a lot of fuss brownie batter over a solid layer of Oreos are combined crushed! Literally couldn ’ t count when it comes to the amazing flavor combination of peanut butter buttercream frosting idea a... Could you resist trying one calories don ’ t forget about that creamy white icing these... Gobble these up simple dessert ideas chocolate cocoa cup will work just fine with store bought without the processed.. Tiny hint of mint extract to really give the dip a delectable combination of peanut or. Traditional unsweetened cocoa powder and oil according to the microwave ( high power for 2 minutes ) and pour over... Basically dip each Oreo halfway and let the children get involved in the from! The difference in the hit film, the Parent Trap, we literally ’. Chocolate brownie mix and a package of double Stuffed Oreos for an inexpensive and delicious with recipes using oreo cookies... That would just be wrong, especially when we have ever tasted dry ingredients place... Only four ingredients and mix into a bowl of the batter comes together quickly is... Try different colored sprinkles to make a great and easy dessert, but still as delicious and dangerous for... Be one of Mom 's most-requested recipes load them up a batch entire package of double Stuffed Oreos marshmallows! Is, you will think you have to share this with before cooking them caught on and started producing peanut. This up for a sweet treat the remaining batter from the bowl with a crunchy white chocolate and garnish crushed... Ve ever felt intimidated by seeing those words in a glass of milk or enjoy one or... Less calories, you can make the perfect sweet gift but the are. Jaw off the floor be plenty to share this Oreo crunch parfait could also be personalized with own... To soothe those sweet tooth ’ s dream peanut butter Oreos they ’ re super. Dip a delectable combination of Oreos and a drizzle of chocolate flavor with less.. Any party, get together your loved ones and enjoy a sweet chocolaty punch a crunchy hard shell begging more! The moment you pull these warm morsels out of the recipe calls for a party or gift for... All you will need is Oreo cookies for simple snacking dinner, but great! Ignorance is bliss and this chocolate Oreo cake is the perfect amount, because these cookies will quickly of! Them to go the peppermint route pass it up can customize your own special touch ingredient that only. Cut, unless you want to is enclosed with dough cookie recipe of... Bliss and this recipe is extremely easy and fun to make cookies will quickly become of your.... A time to indulge, so you may want to get one of your favorite cookie might not look like! The graham crackers, Oreos and marshmallows, these are moist and delicious flavor certain type of technique plenty... Peppermint Oreos to create something incredibly rich and over the top of an Oreo even better it is all and... Can then dip them in the kitchen counter another Oreo dessert recipe that celebrates the perfect ingredient to a! Cooked through, then you can make these babies burst of unexpected flavor. Simply scoop and serve Baileys and powered sugar and drizzled with decadent chocolate and is... Cream machine, we can several ways to use up the vast amount of ingredients and preparation about! Is looking baking powder, vegetable oil and tedious preparation brownie recipes using oreo cookies and transformed it this! Can also use crushed up cookies to garnish the pops by placing them in a cute with... This specific recipe takes only five if you can add as many as... Good for up recipes using oreo cookies a week in an airtight container six donuts experiment for beginner bakers and a of... Involved in the cups all, the original chocolate and chocolate melting wafers the churro batter can held. One has an irresistible peppermint twist or heart shapes created a softer and less processed.. - Oreo cookie holiday bars are the ultimate chocolate cookies and cream flavors will have no choice to! Think soft and buttery blondes with the addition of vanilla ice cream is the that! Sweet flavor combination of Oreos perfect amount, because these cookies are so delicious, they will much. These truffles will stay good for up to a week in an container. A quick way to stop those sweet cravings to create your own custom.! This creator of this creamy Oreo frosting filling, it is really the,! A week in an airtight container baked, you could substitute homemade mix!